Signs of Snakes in the Attic and How to Remove Them

Greensboro snake

There are species of snakes that are excellent climbers. They can crawl on various kinds of surfaces and invade our attic through the tiniest gaps and crevices. It can be troubling and uncomfortable to live in a house with a loft vulnerable to snake invasion. You will need to watch out for some signs of their presence to ensure that you and your family members will remain safe from any hazards related to this animal.

How Do Snakes Get in Your Attic?
The glossy bodies of the snakes may make it appear that they are not essentially suitable for climbing. However, they are very flexible; by stretching and flexing their body, they will be able to navigate on different surfaces. If you have a smoother wall, it will not provide any 'foothold' for the snakes that will prevent them from entering our attic. Some of the species of snakes that are adept in climbing are the brown tree snakes, kingsnakes, coachwhip, and gopher snakes.

What Are Some Signs of Snake Activity in my Attic?
If you can't identify if the snake is venomous or non-venomous, you need to remain vigilant on their signs of presence and call a snake removal expert as soon as you see them. Here are some things that you need to look out for.

· Sudden Disappearance of the Rodents- If you have a mouse or a rat infestation and you notice that there has been a sudden decline in their activity, there may be a reason behind this. You can be housing a predator of these rodents that has driven them away. So if you haven't called the help of a rat removal company or set-up a trap and your house guests magically vanished, it is highly likely that you have a snake in your attic.
· Strange Noises- The odd noises that you hear from the surface of your attic can be a sign that you have a nuisance creature in your house.
· Droppings- The droppings of the snake will appear similar to the fecal matter of birds; the only difference is the presence of furs, nails, and teeth on the excrement.

How To Get the Snakes Out of My Attic?
Now that you are sure that you have an unwanted snake in your attic, you are probably wondering what you should do next. The safest and most humane method would be to call the wildlife removal experts and let them take care of it. They have snake tongs, buckets, and bags to restrain the animal. They have been dealing with all types of snakes that ensures you that the situation will be taken care of. They know how to identify the species of snake. They are also aware of the biology and the behavior of the animals making it simple to determine the necessary removal method.

Snakes in the attic can be a very perilous situation, especially if you do not have ways of identifying them. Luckily, some experts are willing to assist you. They can help you reclaim your house from these slithering creatures. Go back to the home page: Snakes of Greensboro